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Once you start a business, how do you know how much to price your products for? If your product is priced too high, it won’t sell. If it’s priced too low, you’ll be swamped with orders, and have such a small profit margin, it wont even be worth the effort. Finding the balance is the trick. Read More
When it comes to selecting a feature-rich, affordable site builder for most small business, WordPress is one of the best choices you can make. Here's why. Read More
Beth Cochran found the world of entrepreneurship to be a lonely road at times. "It was like operating in a silo," she said in a recent interview with Small Business Trends. "I needed someone to bounce ideas off of." That’s when the idea for SuccessLab hatched. Read More
After multiple security vulnerabilities recently discovered in Adobe Flash, Mozilla has decided to block the software in the latest version of Firefox. Read More
After offering free WiFi to customers, you do not find any significant change in your performance. Is this what was meant to happen? Of course not. You must have made some grave WiFi mistakes, which are preventing your business from making the most of the free WiFi that you are offering. So, what a Read More
Moving a site from Joomla to WordPress can seem like a daunting task however, it should be a snap when you follow the steps below from beginning to end. Read More
Now, something lots of customers and retailers have wanted is finally coming to Pinterest: the site has announced it’s rolling out Pinterest Buyable Pins. Read More

10 Tips on Pricing Your Product or Service

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When you’re first starting your business, understanding what customers are willing to pay for your product or service can be a real challenge. If you price too low, you’ll lose interest, but if you price too high, you’ll lose appeal. Read More
By giving the business teams access to data fast, they can adjust business strategies and approaches. If it takes days, weeks or months to provide them access to data, the opportunities could be lost. Here are a few ways cloud computing will help you and your team perform better. Read More
A mentor of mine once said that company culture was the thing that had the biggest impact on success, but sadly was given the least attention in most businesses. You should pay attention to your culture, because it impacts everything — especially revenue growth and profitability. Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!