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If you’re like most business consultants or coaches you are either below the line or you’re right at the line of breaking even and you're watching how volitale the economy is and you're wondering what it may mean for your business. Read More
It’s been said that “good” is the enemy of “GREAT”. There are so many good business blogs to choose from but there are very rarely blogs that I HAVE to read that are great.Do you want to be good or do you want to be great?
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Most business owners and entrepreneurs are not paying attention to what is happening in technology and one day soon they will wake up to find a new world that they were not prepared for.

Every industry and every business will be affected by the advancements of artificial intelligence over the ne Read More
Discover how to take what is complex in digital marketing and make it simple so that you can become more relevant, efficient and profitable.
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There was a time that I thought the best way to build my business was to run myself ragged. I joined several Chamber of Commerce's, networking groups, blogged and promoted content... all to no avail.

I spent hours meeting with other business owners, getting to know them and their busin Read More
If you're like most business owners time is at a premium.

Find out a way I learned to write a 1,500 blog article in less than 15 minutes... Read More

Branding That Gets the Attention of an Influencer

Branding That Gets the Attention of an Influencer - http://www.unveiltheweb.com Avatar Posted by unveiltheweb under Marketing
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Articles on influencer marketing are everywhere. I can hardly go to a blog on blogging or content marketing without seeing a title like “How to Market to Influencers”.

You have probably read some of them and thought to yourself that the idea is genius; and in many ways it is.
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Digital marketing comes with a tremendous amount of rewards when it’s done right. That means there is a lot of work behind it because it’s our efforts that make it rewarding for us personally as bloggers and content marketers as well as financially rewarding for our businesses.

Today, Read More
In my seven years of owning a web design and development company I had to learn to accept that business owners sought me out for two purposes:

1. Build them a world class website
2. Optimize their websites for Google

But is it time to re-think through how search work Read More
Do you feel hopeful and optimistic that today is the day you’re going to get a new lead? After all, all that “connecting” ought to lead to something, right?

That’s exactly what Joe was thinking!

Before reality set-in... Learn why both you and Joe may be evaluating the wro Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!