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As entrepreneurs, we are relentlessly faced with selling our business to keep ahead of the curve. It feels like you are eternally pushing a giant stone up a hill. How do you convince a prospect to purchase your products rather than your competitors?
As I was reviewing our social sales reports, I s Read More
As a business professional you probably have a collection of old business cards sitting on your desk that you will get to “sometime”. You also have an active LinkedIn profile with 500+ connections and growing and you belong to many active professional Facebook, Google Plus groups but none of these Read More
Should Facebook be manipulating our emotions? How do you feel about this?
Facebook and the Internet are buzzing with outrage at the prospect of privacy violations. Users from all walks of life expressed their deep concern at being passed off as a lab rat for the betterment of Facebook’s services. Read More
I run a small business, so I am not a stranger to small budgets or unaffordable marketing propositions. However as they say “Necessity is the mother of invention” and so is marketing your small business. If you are finding yourself limited by financial constrictions and have no time to run an exten Read More
It’s World Cup season and Twitter is ready for the party. There were over 12.2 million Tweets during the Brazil – Croatia opening match with Brazil star Neymar Jr. the most mentioned player (who scored 2 goals) and gained 163,000+ followers! Read More
The “times they are a-changin’” indeed! In the pre-digital era, amplifying your brand meant developing an advertising and PR campaign with all the bells and whistles –radio, TV and print. Brands could count on reaching large numbers of listeners and viewers in their quest to reach consumers for the Read More
LinkedIn Has the PULSE on Connecting NEWS

Connecting business people is what LinkedIn does best. At this point it is second nature for most professionals to connect and to trust this powerful business platform. So what comes next? Read More
“how to build buzz, viral traffic and increased ROI for your brand while establishing vital connections within an assembly of the most diverse professionals in the digital media and tech sectors.” Read More
More and more people are going on social platforms like Twitter to voice complaints. Smart businesses are taking notice and mitigating damage control by engaging customers and taking care of their problems immediately. It’s simply smart business to show customers they care about their problem and e Read More

Mobile Means Business!

Mobile Means Business! - http://websuccessteam.com Avatar Posted by websuccessteam under Marketing
From http://websuccessteam.com 2305 days ago
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Today’s smartphone generation means that businesses in all sectors need to provide customers with mobile services as long as they are user friendly… Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!