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Within a small business, employee engagement has a disproportionate effect on organizational productivity, which is why business owners should make monitoring and promoting it into a priority as well as a benchmark for organizational health. Read More
The cost of design on business projects can often be relatively high, which is why small business owners interested in keeping costs down should use these tips to minimize confusion and turnaround time. Read More
Business owners can be tempted to cut corners by doing DIY projects, and many times this can be a valid strategy. However, in the event that they should really go with a pro, DIY can be potentially harmful and set them back. Here are some rules of thumb to help determine if DIY should be tried. Read More
We've all been there; the feeling of distraction, the doubled amount of bathroom breaks and staring into space that can accompany a Friday afternoon. Still, you don't have to let these days go by without getting things done. Read More
One of the most common areas where businesses lose money is through mismanaged marketing spending. There are a few pitfalls that can quickly siphon away a budget, but the biggest is probably a lack of targeting. Read More
Small business owners with bad credit have financing challenges which make it more important that they pay attention to their cash flows. In order to protect the health of their businesses, they should never make assumptions regarding their financing. Read More
When picking a business partner, you are making a major decision that will affect the future of your business. That's why you should probably steer clear of these three personality types. Read More
Inertia in the workplace refers to the series of habits and actions that you and your employees can fall into, becoming comfortable with a routine that can be destructive to overall productivity. It's important that small business owners know how to overcome this negative force. Read More
In a great blog post on the subject, Dave Schneider related the case of a business idea he had that went afoul because of the picky nature of his major client. Here is more on the subject of avoiding problematic client relationships. Read More
While loan volume has been reported as increasing in the US, there remains a crunch in financing for the smaller to medium sized businesses that fall into this blanket definition. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!