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The recent horrible shooting in Tucson and the subsequent questions asked by the media and public figures about language got me thinking about the words... Read More
Challenge or invitation? As a leader of a small organization, how do you expect your team to go along with you? Founders believe their idea is something that will "engage and rearrange and turn the world back to one." There is a level of passion you possess and... Read More
December is a month of saying goodbye. A year ends and many of us take holiday time to be with friends and family. This month brought a different kind of goodbye that I didn't expect. Read More
No matter which method is your preferred one, you've engaged with the process known as kaizen. You've used the moment to learn something new and enhance your knowledge. It's a small thing but... Read More
Imagine that you are part of a solar system in a universe that is always in motion. That's the idea put forth by Debra Ellis of Wilson Ellis Consulting. Beyond just marketing, how does it fit into the overall picture of your business and how you interact with your customers. Read More
Lois Martin of Lois Martin Marketing was our guest host on #kaizenblog and we talked about "Ideas From Formula 1 Friends: Finding Your Community in Social Media" Read More
What does imagination and running a small business have in common? Keeping your small business fresh and growing is a creative process. It takes imagination. As you look at... Read More
RUN FOR COVER! Gen Y is coming and they want to rule your workplace because they’re better at your job! The way people are writing about Gen Y, you’d think it could be a remix to... Read More
Since the #kaizenblog chat happens on Twitter, social media plays an important role for all of us who participate. In past conversations, participants have talked about developing relationships which would imply that conversations are taking place. But...what kind of conversations? Have we interrup Read More
With the end of the year coming up, it seemed a good time to stop and notice who or what made a difference to us this year. Who would you thank? And why? What delights you in your work, in your life? What makes you feel grateful?
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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!