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Given all the triggers that cause procrastination, leaving your comfort zone has got to be at the top of the list! It's about how we perceive what is outside of our comfort zone. We do make it seem so foreign. It doesn't really matter if it's a different kind of dance, music, or business strategy. When we reach a plateau with our small businesses.. Read More
Doubt leads to a conversation of possible options and then a decision is made. The key piece here is the conversation, whether or not it is a "self-conversation", that is started by doubt. Why do we avoid doubt? An internal conversation, a "self-conversation" could allow doubt to be used productively for ourselves and our small businesses Read More
What makes you go "AAAARRRRGH!" There are some circumstances that just get us going. What does this mean for a leader/manager of a small business? If we all have something that makes us incredibly annoyed, then there is a possibility that it has an effect on your business Read More
There is a lot of talk about creativity and innovation. Everyone's got to have these to build these amazing businesses! Be new! Be original! Be...what really? Is this truly necessary? Valeria Maltoni (@ConversationAge, founder and co-host of #kaizenblog) and I decided to take on the idea of creativity in 21st century business for our #kaizenblog chat. Read More
What the bleep did I just see? Was this an omen or a wakeup call? Or just plain weirdness? Confidence and optimism has come up in over and over in business news reports from Ireland, Germany, and China. If the general public is anxious and pessimistic, what do small business owners feel? Embedded in this intersection of optimism and confidence is.. Read More
So we asked everyone, "Do You Need to Be Sexy/Boring For Business Success?" We bounced around ways to describe what "sexy" or "boring" mean. These tweets led people to start to fine tune what exactly is "sexy" and "boring" in marketing. This led to a discussion about tactics and.. Read More
Marketing plans are necessary to keep focused on how to get the word out but there may be a missing ingredient to the whole of your business plan. Do you want your target market to discover you or your business? The real question-do you have to be sexy or boring to build a successful business Read More
If you are a chieftain, what does your tribe look like? Maybe it's really about being part bard as well. You tell the story of the Big Idea and inspire others to make it part of their lifestyle. What if you are a celebrity? Perhaps this is about personality (not necessarily your personality, remember your business is its own entity) and less about.. Read More
Is is that awkward dynamic that can arise when you shed your old role of "Senior Technician of (your expertise)" and start the transition into new role of CEO of a small business. But if you can anticipate the mess, perhaps you can clean it before it goes nuclear Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!