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After my secure structural engineering job dissolved in the recession of 2008, I spent a lot of time at home with my infant son. He had chronic nasal congestion, and I discovered that the standard bulb and battery-powered aspirators did not work very well for the reason that they didn’t produce su Read More
Customer loyalty is not what it once was. There was a time when people were very loyal to businesses and brands, and while still true to an extent, it is less true today than it used to be. There are all sorts of reasons for this of course, but a main one is that there is simply a lot of competitio Read More
What if I were to tell you that I could give you not one, not two, but THREE GREAT REASONS why?! And what if those lessons could IMMEDIATELY bring you more cash? And what if those infomercial selling secrets WERE SO EASY EVEN YOUR MOTHER COULD MASTER THEM? Would you click away from this column? Of Read More
Google Chrome is often hailed as the best internet browser and, indeed, it’s one of the most widely used browsers worldwide. However, many are still unaware how they can better their internet browsing experience further, by making the most of Google Chrome’s variety of browser Extensions. Here then Read More
Can you rebuild a transmission? Me neither, but it doesn’t stop me from keeping my car purring smoothly. There are many of things I can do short of pulling the engine block, like fill it with gas, monitor the lights, get the oil changed regularly and get it to the mechanic when the need arises. My Read More
PostcardMania has some website design tips for small business owners. A great website is so critical to the success of a small business in these days of ever-evolving technology. We noticed that some of our postcard marketing customers were not being taken care of when it came to the design of thei Read More
Onvizi offer some information and marketing ideas for small business owners. Having a good online presence and visibility matters because in this modern internet era, this is where clients and customers are looking for YOUR products and services. Don't let your competition win, make sure you are th Read More
On today's Basic Bananas TV we discuss the importance of researching your market and how to go about it. There are four easy ways for you to do some valuable market research: Read More
Managing time as a business owner should be a high priority. To maximize profits, a business owner should spend more time on income producing tasks, and less time on non income producing tasks. Read More
Welcome to this small business ideas video. This description is an excerpt of an article I wrote and there is no need to read it. The real meat is in the small business ideas video. To see how I broke free in three months with my home based business click the link above. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!