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There are quite a lot of things to put into consideration before acquiring a Smartphone, and for a new user it’s always very confusing. Have you finally decided to get a new Smartphone? But you are totally confused on the right one to go for, this guide will be of a great help. Read More
A lot of blogs today aren’t mobile friendly and this left me wondering, is it that most bloggers still doesn’t know what they are losing by not enabling their blog to support mobile browsers? Initially i thought that such blogs must be operated by newbies till i also came across quite a number of t Read More
Social media marketing is no doubt one of the most common ways to drive-in huge traffic, but in order to achieve that you need to utilize it properly and this goes beyond dropping your posts links on any available social network. Are you new to the social media business? Watch out for these mistake Read More
There are a whole lot of things that can discourage a new blogger enough to quit blogging and in this post i will be listing out 4 major signs that indicates you'll quite blogging within your first 4 months.. Read More
Setting up a niche blog is actually easier than most people think, but making it successful is the tricky part. This guide will provide you with all the data you will require to embark on your niche blogging journey and by the end of this post you’ll come to understand what niche blogging is really Read More
YES of course, you can earn from your blog without Google Adsense; that’s my reply to all those bloggers doubting if one can earn a steady income from his/her blog without Adsense. I will be listing out a number of ways to earn from your blog without Google Adsense.. Read More
What is the best blogging platform for a newbie? This is a question i was asked just recently by a friend who’s intending to start a blogging career and that’s not the first or second time i’ve received a similar question. The best blogging platform is always the major question asked by beginner bl Read More
In this post, i will be listing out the most effective ways to boost the Alexa ranking of your blog. Alexa traffic rank is simply a measure of a website popularity, compared with other websites. Alexa calculates a website rank by taking into record the number of visitors and pagesviews it receives. Read More
Ranking high on Google also isn’t a Childs play, the competition is hard and Google keeps on introducing new policy, updating the penguin and panda, making it even harder. But do you know that no matter what Google introduces now or next, there are still some ranking techniques that will never chan Read More
It’s good to occasionally track your website/blog results; this could go from analyzing your backlinks, monitoring its performance through Google analytics, checking the page rank, authority, alexa rank e.t.c. This helps you determine the amount of effort to put in, the techniques to continue with, Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!