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"Overwhelm" is a word that I have been hearing a lot lately. I hear it from my clients and workshop participants as well as my connections on social media sights. We have a lot that comes at us every day and it is important to have strategies to break out of that overwhelmed state quickly. Read More
Do you remember why you became an entrepreneur? Do you know anyone who is on the fence, but really wants to take the leap? There are so many different opinions on what it really takes to be an entrepreneur. But never has it been a one-size-fits-all proposition. The important factors to weigh are yo Read More
On the days when my business begins to feel a bit overwhelming, I carve out some quiet time to remember all the reasons I started this solo endeavor -- the things that make the long days, sacrifice, and hard work all worthwhile. I am reenergized by the realization that I am living my dream, by mak Read More
90% of the ascent to your business success goals is determined by how you view yourself as the climber. Your attitude about yourself will drive your actions to the bottom or to the top, you decide.
Read More
For so long, the story has been that men, not women, are the risk takers in life. Does that still hold water? Current studies would suggest that such stereotypes aren’t valid when it comes to women in business, where they are demonstrating courage and are driving profitability. Read More
As I have been making plans for how I can celebrate the end of 2010 with a bang and something new and exciting, I wanted to poll our experts and find out what amazing things they are planning to accomplish before the close of another year. I posed the question:

With just one month left until ye Read More
Attitude is a powerful motivator or immobilizer in life and in business. Your emotional state directly impacts your performance. My creativity certainly took a nose dive as my focus turned inward, and I allowed my pending circumstances to color my entire outlook. Maintaining a positive attitude Read More
Have you ever had one of those days or weeks where nothing goes as you originally planned? Well, if you have, you are not alone.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the average person spends over 150 hours per year just looking for information. The Esselte company conducted a study of over 2, Read More
Tip of the Week – Dec 1, 2010
There are no obstacles unless you put them there. By a simple change in perspective, suddenly your challenges become opportunities. Read More
Have you ever wondered what chess and business have in common? Both have a powerful player — the Queen — and both require the ability to read and understand your opponent, the gift of “queens” in business. Playing chess or the business game requires strategy, building relationships, and confidenc Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!