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There are weeks when my writing flows incredibly well and fast, and others when I struggle to put my thoughts on paper. That can pose a challenge when you are committed to writing a lot for your business and for others.

This week I sought out helpful tips to smooth out the writing proc Read More
Women have often been compared to lionesses. Like the elegant cat, women are hunters and defenders within the “Pride” and understand that there is power in numbers. Lionesses are responsible for bringing home the bacon (or a take-out Zebra dinner) and tending the den. It’s a big job.
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Every week I bring you my best tip to help you get that edge in business. Sometimes it's complex, this week it's short and sweet:

Accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you and move on. Read More
Do you crave success? Are you unwilling to settle for mediocrity in your life and career? If you answered yes to both questions, what are you doing about it? Anything?

Recap -
In my previous post, A Killer Instinct Can Still Be Pretty, I addressed the issue of the killer inst Read More
Entrepreneurs come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Despite the many different types, they all joined the ranks and do what they do every day for powerful reasons. See what six experts had to say. Read More
This week has been about new ideas, new friends and new looks. I hope you are enjoying the changes that are going on under the hood of my business as much as I am. There’s much more to come!

At the time of year when most businesses are thinking about winding down as we approach the h Read More
What is a Killer Instinct?
Your mind may immediately jump to an image of an attack trained salesperson, ready to take down the opposition, no matter the cost — “backstabbers par excellence.” That’s the epitome of a killer instinct on crack...

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Every Monday I will post a new Question of the Week. This is a great opportunity for you to bring your expertise to the table. This week's question - Women Entrepreneurs, why do you do what you do? What is your motivation to sacrifice willingly, invest completely and risk everything? Read More
This weekly wrap up was designed to share the blogs, websites and/or businesswomen that I found particularly helpful this week. Relax, kick back, let your mind free to create your next big leap forward and enjoy my tops picks. Read More
If you have ever doubted a woman’s ability to improvise, you’ve obviously never witnessed a mom in action during a crisis. A mom is essentially a female version of “MacGyver” — watch her take a shoestring, a shopping bag, the contents from the bottom of her purse and in under five minutes flat a Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!