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To make your business sounds right, tuning is necessary. Understanding these three core facets, my power of 3, will help you in shifting your mindset; and you know what happens when you do that, right? By shifting your mindset, you produce more results and you boost your profits. Read More
You might have heard or know that Mindset does play a KEY role in your business success; in this article, I take that BIG Mindset word and break it down into smaller areas, which you can start focusing on to achieve more -- more in life and in business. Read More
As the conductor, you are orchestrating to achieve your ideal symphony, and I guarantee you that by tuning in your ABCs, you will directly impact the sound running of your business. Where do you start? Read this article...! Read More
In this article, no fluff ;-) A very straight forward way of looking at your business, and the difference that makes the difference, in whether or not your business will float or flop! Read More
In this article, I focus on states, as in emotions; your states impact everything that you do, or don't do. When managed, you are at your top, when, not, you are struggling; read more to get instant strategies to snap out...! Read More
In this article, I share with you my notes taken during the Business Behind the Magic Tour at Walt Disney World. From Leadership, Customer Service, Culture, to Creativity, Branding and Communications, as business owners and entrepreneurs, these principles are magic (when applied and implemented!). Read More
Cryptic, isn’t it? ;-) Let me explain… Have you ever wondered why despise you wanting money, you are not getting it? There is a very simple explanation: In life and in business, we don’t get what we want, we get what we focus on. Read this article to find out how this principle impacts your financi Read More
In this week's article, I discuss something that I know is BIG, your Money Mindset. You see, whatever you think when you hear the word “Money” is critical to your business success. Your money thoughts, your money fears and your money beliefs directly impact your success as a business owner. Read mo Read More
Some people say: “Charisma, you either have it or not, and if not, tough luck!” Mmmm, I TOTALLY disagree and in this article, I share 7 bright ways to focus on the various aspects of charisma, and on how you can learn and enhance it. Read more to discover these 7 multi-facets: Charismatic Performan Read More
This is the sixth and last part of a multi-part blog post about one of your love/hate relationships: SALES!!! In Part 6, I wrap it all up and take you through a 10-step process to going from Fearful to Fantastic! Every step will help you move past fear and closer to the fantastic vision you have fo Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!