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The Like button succeeds in the sense that it captures items to be shared within the social network of the Facebook member who happens to click on it. Such an action is akin to placing a personal seal of approval, with the added construct that the individual clicking the button is also thinking abo Read More
Engaging your audience is incredibly important, and you need to do this to ensure that you get some real value from Twitter. If you are having trouble engaging your followers, then follow these tips. Read More
It has been hard to miss a ‘social media during the Super Bowl’ story this month as social media evangelists did their best to show how integrated social media has become in society. TV is a good example of the social media boom – every show now has social media channels and prompts viewers to inte Read More
Your sales funnel must be able to create interest for your audience. This is a necessary step to win sales from them. Make your sales funnel interesting. Don’t make it too serious. Give them some jokes if you think appropriate. Give them some interesting facts, interesting figures, and interesting Read More
It can never be said too many times but content is king. No matter what kind of website you’ve got, the only thing that will keep people there is the quality of what they are reading / watching on the screen. Whether you are selling a product or describing a service, how you describe it is all that Read More
It was not the story but the way it was told that made me remember and I till date ask my friends about the stories that they were told when they were a child. Surprisingly none of them either remember nor have been told stories. I bet my grandfather would have been a very successful affiliate mark Read More
I’ve been working on my writing skills for a very long time and I can see some changes and improvements. Well that is not enough I need to do more and write better. What can writing do for me? You may ask. Its that which makes your Readers Stick Like Glue to your blog. Quality content and informat Read More
I find it very surprising that bloggers who have been for quite some time have not yet started to build a list and I even noticed that a few bloggers did not even know what a list was. Let me give you a quick definition of what a list is? And why you need a list? And I will detail in this post what Read More
If you are a subscriber to Darren’s Newsletter you would have already got the news of his new book The ProBlogger’s Guide to Online Marketing along with the Web marketing Ninja. I recently got my hands on this book and let me tell you, I wish I had a hard copy of this book. One of the best release Read More
One of my blogs regular reader Bryce Christiansen , left me a comment on Guest Bloggers Invited To 49 Awesome Blogs post. So I decided that it would be interesting to share with everyone this effective way to earn some quick money. This works only if you are a good writer. This is known to be one Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!