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One of the great gold nuggets that I got out of my blog and updates from Google is when I stumbled upon a technique, I don’t know where but it sky rocketed by search rankings. Two months before I implemented the technique, I realized that I only had about 10 search works that ranked on Google sendi Read More
Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business. If you really understand and embrace affiliate marketing then your in the right tracking to making it big online. If you take a look at any income report be it from Pat Flynn or any top blogger for that matter, you will very distinctly notice that at lea Read More
Facebook has been one of the largest traffic referrals to my blog. Google analytics does a good job at telling me what amount of Facebook Traffic is directed towards my blog. Its quite interesting that a social network with a few hundred followers on a fan page and a few good people in your network Read More
Traffic generation tips are endless there are even bloggers who have named their blogs as traffic generators. Web traffic for most websites and blogs drop considerably during the weekend because less people are using the internet to look for information or checking their favorite websites for new c Read More
Finding Niche Product Ideas that are Guaranteed to SELL. Now let me tell you this is not easy, as most of you know that choosing a niche market itself can be quite challenging and exhausting. Deciding on a product to create can be even more interesting. Read More
I believe have done well and are doing well in this area. Pat Flynn is currently running the Niche Site Duel 2.0 that I will be closely following and also Tran from Cloud Living Journey who is also doing well with his niche venture. Read More
There are tons of Affiliate Program that you can join, I will be publishing a post on the top 10 affiliate programs to join for beginners. Read More
So its important that you add your affiliate links to genesis footer, while you can hard code them into the theme, my suggestion is to not model with the code that much and simply use the genesis simple edit WP plugin to make the change. Read More
If you do not add a genesis affiliate link there you are going to miss out. In this post we will be focusing much towards how to increase your genesis affiliate sales and commission with all the right product placements. Read More
While there are millions of bloggers who speculate on Facebook Traffic, Twitter traffic, and search traffic; its time to speculate on Pinterest traffic. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!