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Mixing and matching communication mediums is another great way to make your Content Marketing strategy unique and cover a wide range of readers and customers. Read More
Now, that I've shared my analysis, what are you going to do to Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral? Use the comments section below to share your views. Read More
Now, that I've purchased and tested out this plugin that is being boasted off as "Best SEO WordPress Plugin" and "The Only WordPress SEO Plugin You Will Need", I needed to write a SEOPressor Review. Read More
Are you a pro blogger? Or aspiring to be one? This one is for you. We all know that ProBlogger are good at what they do and make a considerable amount of cash from blogging. But have you ever given it a moment of thought, are they doing anything wrong? Yes, even professional bloggers do things tha Read More
While businesses using social media world wide are still quite sceptical about the entire aspect of giving control over to the users. This can be both good and bad for business. While businesses using social media can boost business and revenue, they can also destroy your reputation online quicker Read More
I’ve listed out 5 Real traffic generation tips that work like a charm. I’ve used alias names to do the experiments so I remain anonymous. Read More
Remember don’t do anything that you upset your customers. Digg was later sold for rock bottom price of $500,000/ which would have otherwise gone for 8 or 9 figures.

Read More
What is the purpose behind you writing a blog post?

You want them to buy something that your selling.

You want them to know about product that your promoting, and eventually will like and buy.

The primary objective for me to write a blog post is pretty much the same, I want my readers to t Read More
Networking with some really good people online (Adrienne, Jens, Rebecca, Carolyn) has helped me figure out various aspects of customers, in terms of decision making, interest, like-ability and so on.

Customers would never want to buy anything from someone who they did not know or did not trust. Read More
Almost everyone is a sales person today.

Anyone with little or no knowledge of sales are selling affiliated products online.

Selling involves a combination of skills, like communication, marketing, psychology and more.

If you want to be That Successful Affiliate Sales Guy then, you bette Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!