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The right use of targeted keywords can help bring increased traffic to your business’s website and blog. Search engines play a big role in how many visitors your website gets on a day to day basis, and the correct saturation of well-chosen keywords can make those search engines notice your page. Read More
The long awaited guest blogging contest is now live. We are welcoming guest bloggers from all around the world. While we encourage participation we also request that you only submit content that is original and yours. Listed below are the rules. So what are you waiting for, get writing there are so Read More
Google Product Search is a service that helps people find the products they’re searching for and where to buy them. This product search service can be found at Retailers can get their products listed in these search results by opening a Google Merchant Center (GMC) account. Read More
Performance marketing is a pay for performance model that is attractive to merchants since they only pay if a certain action is completed. While most people associate conversion with a sale, the desired action can take the form of a subscription, a download, social sharing, or some other sales lea Read More
With all the competition and the ambition to conquer search engine optimization, companies often overlook one important factor: people. People are your patrons, not search engines or social media. They are the ones going to your sites and buying your products. So why do modifications to Google, Bin Read More
A number of doors open for retailers once they have a GMC account. As discussed, they can list their products for inclusion in Google Product Search results but it also enables them to advertise their products using Google Product Ads, a new initiative of Adwords that was released recently. Read More
While all that is said, since this is our first guest blogging contest we are keeping it very simple and easy. Based on how this contest turns out, we will pool in more sponsors and and a larger prize money. Read More
Equally, it’s fair to point out that low quality approaches to SEO have actually produced results in the past. As professionals, we might like to preach about the value of “white hat” techniques. For business owners, however, it’s clear that the only thing that really matters is getting results. Si Read More
The biggest advantage of the Facebook promotion is that it allows your company to communicate with the user directly and thus help you build a confident relationship with your customers. Besides, another interesting element with Facebook promotion is that you can communicate with users in a more fo Read More
The service is presently not available for Android developers. Springpad is a personal organizer, run as a free service, to organize and share information. The highlight of the app is – the content is stored in the cloud, and hence is made available to the registered user at any point in time. The Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!