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This is Part 2 of our Gold and Silver 2 Part post. Find Part 1 here

Let me start where I left on on Part 1, I will give you another simple example to make my point even clearer. Read More
Now that we are done with the first quarter of 2015, I thought it was a good time to talk about the digital trends for 2015 and share Syndacasts infographic. Read More
Many people tend to believe that price and value are the same thing, and that if a house goes up in price, it irrevocably goes up in value, but that assumption is incorrect. Read More
design and branding are two very close siblings who exist solely to benefit and enhance the other. Oddly enough, many companies don’t treat them as siblings. Read More
I have been a blogger now for over 6 years and I have built 2 nice size blogs in that time “including Brainy Marketer” so I believe the blogging tips I’m sharing will help beginners and wanna-be bloggers get started on the right foot and mindset.

Blogging on paper seems so easy, let me just writ Read More

Top Twitter People To Follow – February List

I’m going to keep this super short, to let you focus on the 25 great people I share below.

I want to share something that many people still don’t get about Twitter and having real long term success with it. Read More
Today you’ll learn 3 super important traits that all successful entrepreneurs live by. Successful entrepreneurs have mastered these 3 traits, and they work them into every client and prospect interaction that they have. If you can personally master these traits, you will be well on your way to entr Read More
Do you know how traditional banking works?

Here is a clear and complete explanation of how banks really work, and what happens to your money once you deposit it.

People say that money does not grow on trees, but the true is that the modern banking system creates more currency far faster than Read More
This customer service Infographic shows you how to put the “Customer” back into customer service.

Think about it, how many bad experiences have you had with customer service reps?

How did you feel?

Now think about how many times you have had an amazingly helpful experience with a customer Read More
Today I am doing something a little different. I want to share a story, a really good example of how brands should NOT handle crisis or negativity on Twitter.

One of my clients, Alexis who owns a high end diesel car dealership in the UK came to me and shared a experience she had with a brand and Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!