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Today was the day. A call from a client asking about a custom graphic for his profile was all I needed. The whole reason I create these templates is because they make the task of branding a business on multiple social media sites so much easier! Read More
Today I am sharing my review of Hashtagify Pro, a great tool to help you learn how to better understand hashtags and how to use them when marketing on Twitter.

For me hashtags are one of those things that I know work, but never really put much focus on. Read More
Want To Increase Your Blog Traffic?

First I want to apologize for not sharing this sooner with you.

But this has been one of those things I have done for so long to promote my new blog posts that I don’t even think about it, I just do it and keep moving. Read More
Think you want to be an super successful entrepreneur… you may want to understand everything that it’s going to take, before you take the leap of faith and dive in. If you’re looking for a get rich quick entrepreneur type theme… good luck… it’s not going to work. Read More
As our new year begins, we are given a “clean slate”. It’s time for new resolutions, fresh starts and remedies for our past sins or unfulfilled wishes.

Personally, I love blank canvases. The possibilities are wonderful. Read More
Have you ever used music in your video that was royalty free, but you receive a YouTube Content ID Match warning anyway?

A Content ID match simply means that a sample of the music in your video was recognized in another song that was already published on iTunes. Read More
I’m sure your to-do list is packed with so many stuff that needs to get done, that it is hard to find time for managing a Facebook page.

Nevermind finding the time to implement a full on Facebook marketing strategy. Read More
An advertising program for business owners that helps you reach your target audience and take control of your advertising costs.

Unlike traditional advertising which can cost a fortune and is untargeted, Google AdWords is a cost-effective and beneficial tool for businesses Read More
How To Get Your Advertising To Work

Are you using sponsored content as part of your marketing plan?

If so, is it working for you, are you getting that all important CLICK? Read More
Another month has flown by and it is time to share another 25 people I believe you should follow n Twitter.

They ALL make my time on Twitter better, they ALL help make what I do everyday easier. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!