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I just love that four letter word! F-R-E-E so when I come across some valuable FREE tools, I like to share. Happy New Year! Read More
Are you doing video marketing? Here is an easy suggestion on where to start. Turn your blog into a vlog to make video marketing part of your marketing mix. Read More
Businesses today are learning more and more how using video in their brand promotion helps! What other way to show this power than to make a video on humorous content to see how the same content becomes even funnier with the use of images and music. This video is dedicated to all the mothers out th Read More
Video done right can capture the audience’s attention with clever images, engaging and appropriate music, and of course the right length. The rule of thumb is the shorter the better; however in some cases, a little longer works when the content is engaging enough to hold the audience's attention. Read More
What can you do in today's highly competitive, over-saturated business world to stand out from the crowd. Market your small business in unexpected and unusual ways to get your message heard. Read More
How Can the Little Guy Stand out on the HUGE World Wide Web? You guessed it! Video of course! Why video? I have stated this before but it bears repeating:""Online video is the future, the latest trend, and continues to rise in popularity. Key indicators point to corporations embracing online video Read More
There are certain agreed upon behaviors that are not considered acceptable when networking on and offline. Jumping right in with a sales pitch is frowned upon in both online and offline social networking. Would you go to a wedding or a Bar Mitzvah and try to sell the other guests your blue widgets? Read More
As small business owners we want our web real estate to look great yet we might not have the resources in time and money available to afford to look our best online. There are several FREE products and websites that can help make us look pretty darn good without emptying our piggy banks. Read More
The Google Video Sitemap provides a way of connecting to users and making sure they’re getting the best experience possible. Read More
Seems like the kids today truly understand the power of video and the Internet without even trying. They are able to achieve pretty neat viral results by doing absolutely nothing except posting videos. The rest just comes naturally - what are we adults missing? :) Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!