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Many of us use Google Analytics or similar tracking script to see where our traffic is coming from. This works well as it shows us which visitors are coming from Google, Twitter, Facebook, email newsletters, and any other traffic source our site may get visitors from. Read More
As I look at many blogs on a daily basis during my blog audits and other consulting services I provide, I run into the problem of bloggers squandering their precious time with Google bots on all sorts of links that shouldn’t be on their home page to begin with. Read More
Simply put, a ping is a “this site has new content” notification that invites search engine bots to visit your blog.

By default, WordPress pings one pinging service called Ping-o-matic; that service will in turn ping others.

You can always add additional pinging services to be notified when n Read More
It’s not every day that the world’s leading SEO experts get together to collaborate on a project of this magnitude: coming to a relative consensus on what presumably are the most important ranking factors in Google algorithm right now, how they changed in the past 2 years, and what Google has for u Read More
Don’t you just love it when you put everything you’ve got into every post you write just to see it buried in the archives a couple of weeks later?

Rhetorical question, I know…

All is not lost however.

You CAN find other ways to give life to your seemingly retired content and here’s but a s Read More
Higher search engine rankings, that’s what. It’s amazing how many blogs, even the bigger ones that you would think should know better, don’t use this strategy when it comes down to high search engine ranking optimization. Read More
A couple of weeks ago I decided to run an experiment to see how much extra traffic I can get from Twitter using a simple bribe. What was the bribe? It was a lengthy post that combined all my expertise on how to get thousands of Twitter followers per month, keep them happy, and keep them clicking. Read More
404 Not Found errors happen to everyone – even to Google. However, that does not mean you are less traumatized when you find the sneaky buggers on your Google Webmaster Tools crawl errors page. Let’s take a look at what 404 errors are, what they are not, and how serious of a problem them pose to yo Read More
Call it what you want: alliance, partnership, JV – all roads lead to Rome. The topic of the day is to find ways to increase your website traffic through alliances with other bloggers that benefit all parties involved. This works no matter what stage your blog is in, how much perceived authority you Read More
Last Friday we talked about the pages that generate the most subscribers on my blog – up to 50% conversion rate. Today, we’ll talk about money. Where does most of my blog income come from? Which page is the winner? Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!