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Are you looking to have your own social network? There are so many social networks out here, but none of them belong to you. Remember Ning networks. They started out free but than they started to charge for you to get a network with them. Many people didn't keep their's after that. I know, because Read More
This is a question that I see a lot of new blogger's would like to know the answer to. It depends on what kind of blogging you would be doing. If you are going to be blogging for a hobby then it really doesn't matter what platform you choose. However, if you're blog is going to be your business the Read More
Are you happy? This is a question that everyone has been asked at least once in their lifetime. There are many things that we can be happy about. What is happiness to you? It can be many things. Also, there are many things that can cause you to feel happy. One of those things is when your busines Read More
I have seen vacant blogs all over the internet. People start off strong then all of a sudden no one is writing or visiting that particular blog. How does this happen one may ask yourself? More importantly how can it be avoided? Read More
It can be devastating news when you apply for an affiliate program, only to find out that you have been denied. Sometimes affiliate programs will deny you if they feel that your site is not the right fit for what they are selling. For instance, your site might be about getting rid of debt but you Read More
Whether you are a new or veteran blogger it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. As bloggers we are constantly trying to come up with fresh new content on a daily basis and keep our blogs interesting for our readers. It can be overwhelming to the point that you can even entertain the idea of qui Read More
Do you share blog love? Do you visit the newbies blogs who visit your site? I think if you don't you are missing out on some great blogs. Are you guilty of making this big mistake? Read More
It can be tough when your blog is shutdown and it can really be a worry for you. However, you have to keep going because this is your business. You shouldn't have to stop doing what you love to do. You have to keep going no matter what. If there is a will there is a way. Read More
Are you having problems getting your comments approved? When you leave comments does the blogger seems to always delete them? Then, maybe you need to change up your game. No one likes their blog to look unprofessional and definitely not spammy. Here are some do's and don'ts when you leave blog co Read More
I started using Grovo a couple of months ago. I was searching on Google for some help with mailchimp and I came across their site. I immediately signed up and started taking a lesson. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!