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Earlier in the week I mentioned that I have begun to solidify my view on whether or not a manager/leader should apologize. Although most responses overwhelmingly lean toward the affirmative, I think it is slightly more complicated than that... Read More
I've worked for bosses who hold polar opposite views on the issue of whether or not a manager should apologize. One believes that a manager should never apologize to their employees. The other makes it a practice to apologize regularly for wrongdoings. During the last few months... Read More
Check out this video. Although I've watched it many times, I never get tired of it. Following the video, you'll find a list of favorite one liners that I've picked out for emphasis... What are the things that you need to take hold of— things that by giving your very best— will change your life? Read More
If meets expectations isn't acceptable, then it shouldn't be “Meets”. Those goals should be “Requires” and an acceptable “Meets” expectations standard should be established. Of course that creates the quandary, If someone achieves the new accepted standard, Does that mean “Meets” expectations is good enough? Of course! I'll let you in on a secret. Read More
The best relationship you can build at work is with your boss. Most people come to work and focus their attention on building relationships with their co-workers and with their clients, but they don't even think about building a strong working relationship with their manager. The irony is— interactions with your boss can make or break the emotio Read More
Business leaders and owners are battling through similar challenges these days. “My business is down, we are struggling, the economy is killing us. I have our team doing what we did in '93, but this time it just isn't working—” Your entire team is watching you and they are wondering— Read More
There are reasons why people worry about selling on price... Shame and Embarrassment - Client Retention - Margins, Quotas, Commissions - But there is another point of view... Read More
I recently had the opportunity to join Joe and Mike on the SalesRoundup Podcast. Checkout the rundown of all the things we talked about during the podcast— then press the play button at the bottom of the post to listen to the show! Read More
I often notice managers and executives frown upon sales people who sell solely on price. The sales rep gets into a situation where... Read More
Earlier in the week I promised to share an “old school” tactic that I use to overcome negative thoughts and emotions. I'll start by admitting there is one main thing that affects my attitude. I expect to produce massive results and make a lot of money. At points where I am not producing these giant results, I find myself fighting negative frust Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!