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As you look for ways to keep your business competitive in a challenging economy, don’t overlook the importance of a professional, well-designed website. While the importance of having a business website has become a given, too many businesses assume that simply having a presence on the Web is enoug Read More
Marketers get together to discuss current hot marketing topics: Your office as a networking tool, Online Content Organization, Social Media Contests and Consumer Loyalty, The Coupon and Discount Craze Read More
The Kauffman Economic Outlook: A Quarterly Survey of Leading Economics Bloggers for the third quarter of 2010 has recently been released. Compared to the responses in the second-quarter 2010 Outlook–which was not all that rosy--the viewpoint this time around has become far more pessimistic.

Sixt Read More
As small business owners, we’re often told to get out there and engage–that we should use social media to “even the playing field” (an expression I hate) and “meet” our customers and potential customers at the watering holes where they hang out. But…where should we go? What types of social site are Read More
The Sept. 1 editorial "On better terms" conceded that overall interest rates have risen on credit cards after the passage of the Credit CARD Act and that the limits on credit that have resulted may be slowing economic growth. It concluded, however, that these drawbacks are tolerable because "the co Read More
Top 5 things really depend on the business and situation you are trying to address. I will try to keep it more generic and broad.

Implement analytics on your site, even if it is basic site. If you are budget constrained, there are relatively functional web analytics tools in market for free. So Read More
Are you listening to, or shouting at, your customers online? If the latter, it’s time to stop, especially if you’re trying to incorporate social media.So if you’ve been “shouting” at your customers, it’s time to stop, especially if you’re trying to incorporate social media into your marketing strat Read More
This post is intended to help you create and maintain a strong online presence so when someone Googles your name, you appear to walk the social media talk. If done right, you could become a successful personal brand but please note that our philosophy on personal branding is to leverage it for community building NOT to turn into a narcisisst that likes to tute his/her own horn 24/7 on social networks. We have a lot of those already. So let’s get start Read More
A look at the search engine marketing industry and what people are doing. Clearly the industry is doing well & is experiencing remarkable growth. A look at the attributes.
There’s a lot of talk about social media – often way too much. I understand…it’s the latest and greatest in web marketing, but let’s not get too carried away with it. In fact, for businesses interested in executing some really great Internet marketing programs, the more traditional approaches are still very strong and remain relevant – often having better exposure and more conversions. One of these traditional programs is search marketing and it might surprise you that even with all the latest advancements in Internet technologies, this specific industry is still growing Read More
Ever been somewhere and had this great idea for a business or a web site only to get home and find out that the domain name is taken? DomainStorm provides you with a fast and fun way to check domain availability and provides a convenient way to register your domain name. Is the domain name you want taken? Looking for creative suggestions? Give us keywords and shake your phone – you may be surprised at what you fin Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!