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Government aid under a new proposal being debated in Washington D.C. is both not likely to deliver jobs through a $5,000 tax break for hiring and may actually be holding up potential hiring for positions employees already need to fill as they wait to see whether or not the tax credit will be enacted. Dr. Jeff Cornwall of The Entrepreneurial Mind insists the entire policy is the result of Washingt Read More
A year after passage of a $787 billion stimulus package aimed at improving the ailing economy, small businesses say they have not seen any of the funding. Businesses interviewed for the story says most of the money seemed to have found its way into the coffers of big corporations instead. Read the full story from Reuters. Read More
Employee Benefit News provides a link to a report profiling the top 10 companies in 2009 from the perspective of employee benefits packages. They include some surprising features including a focus on wellness over treatment for illness as a way of bringing medical costs down and show appreciation for employees. Of course, many small business may not have the resources to create such ambitious pro Read More
When cutting costs, think twice before cutting employee benefits in your small business. In this article from the SCORE Website, nationally known small business expert Rieva Lesonsky insists costs should be cut just about everywhere else before considering eliminating benefits your employees look forward to. You will loose more in productivity and morale among employees then you will save on your Read More
A recent poll by Rasmussen Reports raises the question, should small businesses be calling the shots when it comes to the nation's economy? The poll found 51 percent of Americans surveyed believe the business community makes better decisions in this arena than leaders in Washington. So Read More
Small business loan funding backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration has received funding for another month. The program is popular according to the report by CNN, but one banker in the report still says there aren't enough qualified loan applicants. Read More
To be fair, Matt McGee of Small Business Search Marketing included the word "probably" in parentheses in the title for his post. I left it out and put a question mark at the end of the title because I'd really like to hear what bizSugar members think of this one. To begin with, I'll admit I think Matt's judgments here are too broad, but I also suspect he wanted them to be to make the article a co Read More
Want to learn more about how to take your small business Website and develop it into a niche dominator? lays out "The Little Fish Guide to Niche Dominance" but many of the points here are good recommendations for any small business seeking to dominate a field. So get ready for some simple pointers that will help you distinguish your business from the others in the pack and make you Read More
When creating an employee benefits package for your small business, competing with huge companies may not be possible, but be sure you have the basics that employees expect. At least keep up with other small and growing businesses and what they provide employees. And think about some special perks you may be able to offer that set you apart. For more, read "Standard Benefit and Employment Package Read More
I'm a bit late posting this but would love to get a discussion going on this topic in the bizSugar community. Gov. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California were interviewed by ABC recently and among comments about the health care debate and a jobs bill invariably started talking about how to repair the economy. It often amazes me that businesses, particularly small Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!