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Do you use comments to market your small business? Ever thought of how the wrong comment could damage or destroy the brand you've worked so hard to build? Leaving comments on social media or blogs can work both ways. Be sure to think about how your comments might impact you and your business before Read More
Rich Meyer is not nearly as against the idea of using social media for business marketing as the title of his post "Social media marketing is an oxymoron" might imply. In fact, interactive marketing is Rich's business. What he rightly warns against, however, are social media evangelists who promote Read More
Are small businesses over regulated? Do they face regulations that are disproportionately heavy or difficult to follow simply on the basis of the fact that they happen to be small businesses? Definitely, says the U.S. Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy. This post looks at their find Read More
Does your home town have a program like this one? Bizdom U combines the functions of a small business incubator, small business training course and venture capitalist or angel investor group all rolled into one. Check out the video on this exciting program designed to promote entrepreneurship in th Read More
The Small Business Administrations fielded questions from small business owners across the U.S. recently as SBA Deputy Administrator Marie Johns sat in with Scott Roen, Vice President of American Express Open Forum, for this "Open for Questions" Q&A video on everything from the Small Business Jobs Read More
This video takes an incredible look at calculating the ROI from organic keywords. This is probably the heart of online marketing because figuring out what organic keywords bring the greatest return on investment allows you to use Search Engine Optimization not just for traffic but for profit. This Read More
Small business is no stranger to tough economic times. And while going through a rough patch you'll need your team tighter and more efficient than ever. Here's a post with suggestions for building your team even when sales are down and creating a winning combination that can not only weather the st Read More
One of the keys of online small business success is to simplify the online payment process. Today it's no longer necessary to reinvent the wheel when creating a means for payment online thanks to services like PayPal. In this post the National Federation of Independent Business gives a simple prime Read More
With the wrap up last week of the SugarTone Sweet Business Blogging Contest, organizers are planning an e-book to be released soon with a compilation of the entries for all to enjoy. Congratulations to first prize winners Greg Fry and Frank Bradly who are splitting $350 in products and gift certifi Read More
A big thank you to everyone who helped make the SugarTone contest, which wrapped up last week, such a HUGE success. Here's our own post on the winners and prizes plus some links to the winning posts and comments, but we invite you to visit all of the great "SugarTone" entries in the subcategory und Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!