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It's an often asked question when discussing social media marketing, what exactly is the ROI (return on Investment) when using tools like Facebook and Twitter. But it seems to me that this article, again shared in our Twitter roundup late last week at Small Business Trends, best answers the questio Read More
Another of the posts we shared in our recent "Small Business News: The Twitter Revolution" roundup at Small Business Trends, here is a great list of resources you can use to enhance Twitter for use to grow your small business. If you use Twitter for your business regularly, you've probably heard of Read More
Are you making these small business Twitter mistakes? This post is one of a series of Twitter related small business articles we shared recently in a Small Business Trends news roundup. Some of the big issues include avoiding overtly selling with your Twitter account and being boring. All of these Read More
Time is running out, but there is still an opportunity to get involved with deciding the first place winner of the contest and even to win a cool second place prize. See the video below and please feel free to use it in an effort to further promote contributions by the end of the contest on Thursda Read More
It probably should go without saying that in order to sell a company, customer or client a solution, there has to be a problem that needs to be resolved. So what about your small business? Are you selling a solution where there is no problem. If you got your foot in the door on personality and char Read More
The LexisNexis Corporate & Securities Law Community is seeking nominations for the top business law blogs and has begun with a list of 25 of their own selections (including one of our affiliated sites Small Business Trends. Hooray!) Members of the LexisNexis Community are invited to make their own Read More
Here's a quick video tip from marketing and PR specialist Drew Gerber. If your giving a presentation, interview or pitch for your small business, why not practice it first on an 8-year-old. If this sounds like a weird idea, Drew's got a great reason for proposing it. You can find out why and check Read More
In this post, Chris explains what's become the standard method for distributing blog content to a growing group of followers. Hopefully, at some point all of this will lead to referrals and somebody will hire you. While the model is sound, the fact is that content marketing continues to evolve and you should always think about the fact that others are doing the very same as what Chris is recommending above. His overview, however, is a good start to getting your blog more noticed Read More
How important is social media---Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.---to your small business? Well, not necessarily as important as some of your core activities like providing services and products as this amusing video reminds u Read More
Online marketer Chris Pirillo gives his tips on startup based on his own experience launching an online business over a decade ago. His number one tip? No one knows your small business the way you do, so make sure, above any advice you might receive from anyone else, that you understand fully what is involved in making your business a success and understand what it will take to accomplish this. Chris's advice does not negate getting advice from others, including successful entrepreneurs, or reading and gaining as much information as possible about the market you are seeking to enter or about the basics of running a small business in general. It's simply that, when it comes to starting your own business, you must view any advice you receive in the light of your own business model to decide what is likely to work for you and what is no Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!