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Seth Godin may have come up with the ultimate training manual for customers of businesses large and small. It's only one post long and can result in customers who are either the most pleasant to deal with or those who we all dread for whom nothing is ever right. The secret, Seth says, is that the ones you get depend upon you Read More
Some small businesses can be founded with one market in mind only to find a totally different market where their products and services are much better accepted. One example is Matt Paxton, whose four-year-old company Clutter Cleaner started with the idea of relocating seniors only to discover a much better market in aiding "extreme clutterers," those who collect so many things it begin interfering with their lives. Read More
The credit unions could provide the funding for small businesses and entrepreneurship now lacking from larger banks if Congress could be persuaded to raise their lending limits. What's your opinion? Would credit unions be a good source of loans for small businesses if banks cannot meet the need and should Congress act on this? Leave your comments below Read More
Jason Fried of legendary software powerhouse 37 Signals talks about new directions in small business, one of his great passions beyond software, in this in-depth interview with HP Input/Output. Jason talks about everything from startup funding to the evolution of the new workplace, an idea 37 Signals has done much to pioneer. He also believes much that is important about small businesses and how to run them is pretty universal for everything from high tech firms to more traditional businesses. Hear more of his thoughts in this Web cast conversation Read More
This article from The Daily Beast republished in Business Insider looks at a political trend independent of grass roots Tea Party organization, Wall Street or conservative punditry that the current Obama administration may need to worry over. That trend is the growing disillusion of mom and pop small businesses with an administration they feel has ignored their needs and sabotaged their efforts in a down economy while continuing to make promises and to pay lip service to their role in a financial recovery. What do small business leaders in our community feel about the U.S. government's efforts thus far, or those of other governments around the world, on behalf of small business? Read More
Check out the statistics for yourself in this comprehensive report prepared by Frank N. Magid Associates Inc. sponsored by video site metacafe giving detailed insight into the rapid adoption of video among online users. If you are trying to reach online audiences, video needs to be a part of your marketing campaign. The report provides details statistics worth review by any online marketer or business owner Read More
This recent post on the Official Google Australia Blog gives some interesting statistics about the number of Australians who research products online verses the number of small businesses with a presence on the Net. How do these statistics compare with the country or region of the world where your small business is located? Do you have a presence on the Web? Not simply a static Website, but social media, blogging and other interactive content as well? If not, why not? And how will you connect with customers who are already online searching for the products and services you provide. Read More
Pay Per Click ads can be a critical marketing tool for small businesses, however, with large corporations in the game, it can sometimes be quite difficult and challenging to get the proper keywords for your important ads at an affordable price. Here are some simple tips to help small business compete in the ever changing and increasingly challenging world of marketing your company, service or product through PPC. Read More
Here's a post on three critical trends that will impact all of search marketing over the next year and hence probably any small business owner that operates online. They include integrating online and offline marketing, using mobile device and mobile search and social media advertising. You can get more details on these trends by reading Lee Odden's full article and please share it with a friend as well as mentioning that you found it here at Thanks Read More
Eric Herrenkohl, recruiting specialist and author of "How to Hire A-Players," offers tips and step-by-step instructions for how to hire great employees for your small business and how it can change everything and add great value to your venture. Listen to the full interview with Anita Campbell on Small Business Trends Radio. You can listen live to Small Business Trends Radio 1:30 p.m. every Tuesday for another interview with guests and experts to help you operate your small business more effectively Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!