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The new healthcare law recently passed will affect even many small businesses in very significant ways. The law will be phased in gradually over the next several years but knowing the specific implementation can be extremely important in operating your business. This breakdown of the law by the National Federation of Independent Business gives details and a time line for implementation plus a lin Read More
Trials are a very useful way of demonstrating to reluctant customers that you have something that they will value. A trial allows them to see for themselves what your product or service can deliver without committing to the full purchase price. Used correctly trials can be a tremendously effective way of boosting sales, particularly of products or services that do not yet have a reputation... Read More
How to you create a killer brand instantly identifiable to your fans and so exclusive they MUST have your product. In this video we meet Johnny Cupcakes a T-shirt design entrepreneur who discovered the perfect recipe for success by keeping his customers always wanting more. Read More
OK. You know the content of your Website is important, right? But what if it is more important then you ever thought? What if it is the only information a client or customer will ever really consider before deciding whether to hire or buy from you or to simply move on? What if it isn't simply an ice breaker that will inspire folks to pick up the telephone with you or your sales staff for more inf Read More
Web marketer Tom Pick goes over part two of an expansive list of the coolest Web tools of 2009, and while Tom is focused mainly on B2B applications, some of his suggestions have applications far beyond. In fact, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur of any stripe, it would probably pay you to take a long hard look at Tom's list to see whether some of the tools here can benefit you as Read More
Not every business expert opposes the health care bill that could be passed by the U.S. House as early as Sunday. In this link from the Center for American Progress Action Fund is a letter signed by economists and other supporters spelling out the plan's benefits. Though the benefits for small business aren't really mentioned. What's your opinion? Will the proposed health care bill help or hurt U Read More
Will the new health care reforms make small business owners sick? Have a look at this consumer primer and read between the lines in the sections on employers and the self-employed. You'll get a fairly good idea of what some may be facing. Read More
Nothing really big ever happened without a vision, says Gail Blanke, Founder and CEO of Lifedesigns LLC. That includes the world of business, she says, and adds that these visions are usually provided not by those who fit in but by those who stand out. Watch the video at Open Forum Innovation. It's really quite inspiring. Read More
Date your business before you marry it, is the advice of Alegre Ramos founded Green and Greener, an eco living design center and general store in LA. Ramos talks with Lindsey Campbell of Small Business Rules in this video again from Open Forum Innovation. Read More
From a podcast interview with entrepreneur John Warrillo at Startup Nation we look at five reasons NOT to give your first employees equity in your company. Let's get a discussion going here at What do you think. Sweat equity has been often discussed as a means for cash starved entrepreneurs to gain valuable work from potential employees that they otherwise would not have the money t Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!