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Do you get disheartened when you see handfuls of people flocking away from your blog email newsletter? In other words unsubscribing from your email list! Don't panic, sometimes seeing people remove themselves from your list isn't a bad thing at all, in fact there are some benefits to be gained. Rea Read More
Here it is folks, episode 6 of the Magnet4Marketing Podcast, and in this month's show I share with you my ultimate new blog post promotion strategy and how I drive traffic and readers to a brand new blog post. Enjoy. Read More
Running an eCommerce business takes a lot of hard work, even though the e-commerce business industry is showing impressive growth globally as of late. In this wee's guest post we share 5 expert tips to sharpen your eCommerce strategies for increased business. Read More
Do you want to increase brand visibility on your Facebook page for your business, and do it without running any contests! Well check out our latest resourceful post where we share 20 must-try Facebook apps for helping you and your business improve brand visibility. Read More
Essentially there are two pages on your blog that is considered most essential, and in many cases the most visited too, so which pages are we talking about here? We’re talking about the ‘homepage’, and the ‘about page’. In this post we’re going to focus mainly on your blog’s homepage and how to us Read More
Happy New Year! Have you created your blogging goals for 2014? Check my top tips for setting realistic and reachable goals for your blog, plus I share my goals for 2014. Read More
As we all know, social media is very much a driving force in today’s market. There are many different and wildly successful platforms that operate as social media today. More come up every other day, but as far as continuity and tenure goes, Twitter is one of the oldest and most successful platfo Read More
This is the second installment of our series of awesome posts on how to create your own eBook. In the first part we looked at content creation and where to source content from for your eBook project. In this second installment we look at some cool tips and ideas for creating the most eye-catching e Read More
Why are so many bloggers obsessed with PageRank when there are plenty of other ranking factors to aim for in blogging. Here is a list of strategies that I think bloggers should be focusing more on, rather than waste time dwelling on the fact they didn't get an increase in Google PageRank in the rec Read More
SEO is not nearly as difficult as you think it is. And if you do it with the right mindset, it gets even easier trust me. So why aren’t you on the first page of Google now? Read on to find out more... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!