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he starting point in the process of becoming a highly effective person is to monitor and control self-talk every moment. Keeping ones thought and positive words with consistent goal monitoring with your mind at alert on what you want to do and probably the kind of person you want to be. Read More
This headline will either sound so funny to you or attract your attention as to whether what is contained in it. Don’t forget I once discuss that blogging is full of negative experience which turned-out to be one of the most interested topic on this blog and some other related topic on time poverty Read More
To Control your emotion, the need to keep positive mind & thought is very compulsory. Refuse to criticize but correct, refuse to complain or condemn things or people for anything or reason either known or unknown. Read More
Win-win strategy is what many bloggers do make use of in blog-o-sphere. And I believe after this post / article you will accept with me that most bloggers plays win-win strategy in blog-o-sphere. Although this might look like economic term but the fact remains that “Human want are insatiable” and w Read More
Do you know what it takes to give a second thought? This really helped me a lot: I almost quit, and let go off blogging in my agenda but I gave it a second thought, that if others are doing it, I also can do it and I am doing it (Not bragging but motivating)
Before you finally quit blogging for a Read More
I wonder why you feel joyous the day you succeeded Google AdSense second review on your blog? Wasn’t it because you believe with AdSense you will start making money online if you have not being making any cent already but if you have an alternative like sponsor post, selling ads space, involving in Read More
Your greatest enemy in life is emotion, in-fact negative emotion for that matter. Negative emotion tied you down from taken the next and appropriate step, tired and worn you out and at the same time take away your entire joy, happiness, the reason why you feel and expresses happiness. Read More
To succeed online there is a need to know what work for us, refer traffic or direct traffic which one best convert, which one do you ethically worked on? Organic or refer traffic. Read More
Social bookmarking site like digg, delicious, reddit can drive tons of traffic to your blog, what would have been your state of mind if you were able to drive as twice as your normal blog traffic to your blog? Read More
Internet marketing is simply seen as a means of marketing product and service via the internet for the sake of targeting a very large audience without and outside the reaches of an internet marketer. Product marketing can be done both online and offline, building a successful internet marketing nee Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!