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We took a look at the five most 'Liked' Facebook pages of companies that sell a product. They're all mega brands with huge marketing spends. The thing is, there is plenty in what they do that can point the way for smaller businesses and is not budget dependent. It comes down to this: ENGAGE! Read More
Time and again, research has shown that money is not the main motivation when it comes to job satisfaction. Employees need to feel they are contributing and that it is appreciated. Perhaps recognition should start with the type of common courtesy and daily sense of value you would like everyone Read More
Recent research from CityGrid Media gives some insight into how customers like to show support for local businesses online. Even more interesting is feedback on how customers find and choose local merchants. It's not all about Facebook just yet. Read More
15 real life interview questions that might make you laugh, or scratch your head. They sort of make you wonder what the interviewer was thinking. Read More
Given that investments are harder to come by than they once were, we think it's very useful to know the guys that are putting money into early stage companies and creating value. So lets look at the top 100 Tech Investors, according to Forbes. Read More
Everyone knows that top salespeople can close but a top salesperson is also effective and efficient at identifying and qualifying new prospects. So here are today's 10 sales prospecting tips.
Read More
There is a lot that goes into starting a new business. Lots of big decisions, important planning and product development. In all of this important and time consuming work, one very important issue often gets missed. Have you seriously considered whether there is a market? Read More
You will face many choices when starting your business and assume many risks. One key choice is whether to go it alone or start a partnership. The answer is often "It depends on the partner". Read More
Businesses all over the country are wondering about Social Media. How it fits into your marketing? Whether you should be spending more time on it? Or less? What channels should you be looking at? So here are the 5 channels most used by Social Media pofessionals. Read More
What ranking factors will be important for Google in 2011? What should your SEO be thinking about to future proof their work? We take a look at the challenge Google faces to keep its ranking quality high and predict the Top 4 Google ranking signals for 2011. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!