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Surely as a customer becomes loyal to your brand, you'd want to reward them, right? Our CEO thinks some brands are actually doing the opposite - punishing customers for their loyalty. Find out how companies are losing touch with their customers' needs. Read More
The ‘world’s worst hotel’ has taken to warning people in advance about the poor state of the facilities on offer. Despite boasts of being “cheap, dirty, cold, poorly lit”, the hotel still attracts scores of guests. Read about its clever marketing campaign here. Read More
As well as looking professional, your site also needs to be easy for your customers to use. We challenge you to navigate your way around this first site! Read More
Small businesses everywhere know the costs of processing card transactions, even driving many to pass the costs onto their customers by charging extra or only accepting cards for transactions over a certain amount. But 80% could be paying over the odds... Read More
Would free wi-fi draw you into a business? How about a town? This town has asked its residents and local businesses to chip in towards free wi-fi for visitors... Read More
Over the last few months, controversy has slowly been building around the amount of tax paid by large corporations operating in the UK. As taxpayers, we all feel a little cheated by some of our favourite household names. But I can’t help but think that, yet again, it’s the small businesses that are Read More
Global Entrepreneurship Week starts today, with thousands of events taking place across the world. Will you be handing out advice or asking for it? Find out more about the campaign here. Read More
It's not been a good week for Mitt Romney. After losing out to Barack Obama in the US Presidential race, you would think he'd want to quietly step out of the limelight. But he suffered an embarrassment after his pre-prepared 'victory' website went live. Details here. Read More
A website can provide a full multimedia experience to your visitors - text, audio and video can all be included and all have their benefits. Some even automatically play sounds when a visitor lands on the page. Here's why this is a big mistake... Read More
A new study shows that small businesses in the UK are aiming high by planning to take on 450,000 new staff... but are still pessimistic about what the future holds. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!