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Money also referred to as capital, funds, and financing is a critical factor in starting a business. You will need “seed money” to launch the business to cover costs such as vehicles, equipment, machinery, land, building, fixtures, and supplies. You’ll also require money for your daily operating expenses – inventory, rent, taxes, salaries and wages, advertising, utilities, etc. Read More
Financial bootstrapping is a term used to cover different methods for avoiding using the financial resources of external investors. Bootstrapping can be defined as “a collection of methods used to minimize the amount of outside debt and equity financing needed from banks and investors”. Read More
Business financing can be obtained at the right time. You cannot get it easily, but if you invest time and effort on it, you can have it on the right time. Read More
The survey included questions designed to help the researchers better understand respondents’ perceptions of and experiences with social media in support of their decision-making as CEO’s, Directors and Managers. This post summarizes the key elements of this survey and provides an insight into how extensive the role of social media networks have become in decision making especially Facebook, Twit Read More
As the world changes, so do the ways in which we should do business: it's a simple fact of life. One of the biggest opportunities for innovation-and necessitators of change-to hit the business community and society in general has been the internet; there are simply countless new ways to proceed that weren't available or viable before the advent of the web. Read More
Use Twitter to find Product Evangelists who are tweeting about your company, products and services. Give them what they need to help you market your business! Read More
Extending the length of that runway is an art form that requires startup founders to learn how to squeeze maximum value out of every dollar they spend. Social media is one important way that startups are saving money while still delivering value. Read More
Entrepreneurs who are doing their business online are now paying attention to their internet marketing strategy. Most people are paying more attention to their marketing plan. Others are even paying more just to make their internet marketing more effective. Every dollar should pay off. Read More
Business incorporation is the best consideration especially if your business is growing. If your business is growing, you are most like to need more business financing assistance and increase the risk involve. Read More
It is indeed very expensive to start a new business. But if you are smart entrepreneur, you can start a business without spending too much. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!