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Planning is what we really need firsthand. A well structured plan will help us along the way and overcome all trials and will help us business owner bear all the how in life. Read More
Income. It may not be easy to do but some entrepreneurs don't quit their day jobs when building a new business. They stay gainfully employed, using their discretionary income to finance the business. Work is typically done nights and weekends. Read More
In order to stay successful in your business career, you must be well oriented with your marketing plan. Marketers should always consider the relationship established before anything else. You should not limit yourself to just selling something to the people, this should just be the end result, but the primary objective should be to set the relatio Read More
Facebook status update: What's on your mind — —“Social media is currently the wave of the future, and it's surging through the business and e-business world like a rogue tidal wave.” Since social media, such as Facebook and MySpace (social networking sites that allow users to post personalized, online profiles), arrived on the scene about five y Read More
One aspect of the American dream seems to be to have the opportunity to work for yourself. This is particularly true today when your options for being your own boss include everything from starting a business to being a work-at-home-Mom to launching a creative career as a solopreneur or innerpreneur. But what do you do if you don't have any money Read More
M.O.G (Men of God) will launch their new album “Someday” and a new clothing line this Saturday at the Mavuno Dome in Nairobi. While they had at their disposal an array of media through which to advertise the event, they settled for the medium of the hour— Facebook. They publicized their event by having Kanji Mbugua, one of Kenya's leading go Read More
Almost all U.S. youths ages 18-24 participate in social media at least once a month, according to a report released this week. The data, from Forrester Research, shows that only 3% of online young people are classified as inactive on social media. The study broke down online social activity among all age groups across the United States and Europe Read More
Finally some good news from the world wide web: social media is greying. US analytics group Forrester Research issued a report on Tuesday which revealed that engagement in social networks by people aged between 35 and 54 shot up 60% last year. While web research firm comScore reports that only 11% of Twitter users are between 12 and 17 - the tradit Read More
Using social media to promote yourself seems to be becoming more and more important for web worker, but figuring out the best was to do can be difficult. Chis Guillebeau and Gwen Bell have brought together a guide that demystifies the process: “The Unconventional Guide to the Social Web.” Read More
Vancouver-HQ'd local search firm Canpages is acquiring online social media platform GigPark today. The platform allows users to find local businesses and services through recommendations from friends, and to make recommendations themselves. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!