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The good news is that employing people with disabilities has never been easier – and they’ll bring benefits to your organisation. Read More
British Soccer star, Ryan Giggs, recently took out a gagging order to prevent the press reporting on an extra marital affair he had. There was lots of speculation in the British media about which celebrities had taken out ‘Super Injunction’ gagging orders and eventually he was named on Twitter... Read More
It’s a constant challenge to keep re-inventing myself—adjusting and repositioning, learning and growing, staying in touch with new developments and my values. Read More
The Epson Business Council was launched in late 2010 as a platform to provide tips, advice and insight for start-ups and small businesses across Europe and the following series of videos are some of the highlights from their first gathering. Read More
In my last post, Do not stand alone, I took a look at workplace bullying, what exactly is bullying and how to spot a bully within your company/team. So just what type of impact can bullying behavior have on the victim/s and ultimately your business/company? Workplace bullying can have a very seriou Read More
This is a common comment / question asked by both company CEOs and heads of IT, as they seek to ensure that enhanced services are provided by their IT teams. It's an understandable question from both a business and a technology perspective as... Read More
Picking up from my previous blog, I mentioned the need to identify a plan of action to break the cycle of being the go-to person to solve other people's problems. So, let's tease out the problem solving process... Read More
All projects deliver learning that can be used to enhance future project profitability. Learning expedites project planning and implementation. But the tools must be in place to capture those learnings and to drive them out across the business Read More
Do you want to know what the right price is for your product or service? If I could write an app for calculating that, I’d be a rich woman, because everybody would want it! Read More
An accessible website is the one that anyone can access and can easily use, including those with disabilities. It would be fair to say that while most business want their website to be ‘user friendly’... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!