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From Sandwich Boards and street corner fliers, place and time promotions have always been important to retailers. They are still an effective type of advertising to generate interest in your offering within a local area. Read More
One of the common denominators of companies that moved from Good to Great, was the need for each company to take a good, long hard look at themselves and, with a level of painful honesty, to clearly... Read More
Everybody has a couple of friends they admire or even envy. The kind of friends that you sit at a table with only to find yourself zoning-out and pondering, “What would life be like in their shoes?” Now imagine... Read More
So when you build a relationship online, to actually meet offline is such a bonus. The debate will go on for decades whether online relationships are possible. For me particularly, trust is key. Read More
I see a lot of information about QR Codes/MS Tags and how to generate them. What I am not seeing is the tracking of them! Read More
You should bear your business strategy in mind when setting prices. Knee jerk pricing, used simply to boost sales or cash flow by lowering prices in a slack period, can have disastrous consequences... Read More
From May 25th 2011, a EU wide privacy directive will come into effect. If implemented in Ireland this law would then make the use of third party cookies on a website without the prior consent of the user, illegal Read More
Vince Lombardi was well known as a great motivator, who excelled in getting the most out of his teams. In this post we will look at how he fostered a culture of teamwork. Read More
Local Search is an emerging trend in online marketing. Local Searchers have a higher conversion rate and deliver a better return on investment... Read More
The latest developments in technology have shrunk the world and now created a global market place where a company in Cork no longer competes with local businesses only but also has to compete with businesses from Bangalore... Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!