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Adam Smith, Father of Capitalism, set forth in the world the greatest experiment man has ever encountered. Smith was brilliant in his understanding of true human nature. With this understanding, devised a system by which he focused the fallibility of man’s own nature to the betterment of society. Read More
We cannot progress, or even just play safe, by keeping behind the yellow line. We can only cross it through trust in ourselves, a clear vision and strong will. Read More
Entrepreneurs and first-time business owners often more to do than they can cope with. These are some hints on things to focus on and some things to push down the list. Read More
I think I’d say no. I may have more knowledge, but very often it is that knowledge that holds me back. Yes, children make great inspirational business coaches.. Read More
As a business owner, you pay a lot of attention to the look of your business, whether it’s a beautifully designed website, polished product displays or a glossy brochure. But the words you choose to describe your business can have just as powerful an effect on your customers Read More
Over the last ten days sales managers in three major firms outlined how their sales process needed to be changed, it wasn’t working and in particular it wasn’t helping to generate new opportunities. Read More
Are you a Crow or Magpie - big in size but the slightest movement will scare you off forever more? Are you a Blackbird - spending all your time obsessed with wooing the ladies and staving off a single competitor? Read More
Thanks to the recent economic carnage, the fear of shopping is keeping many buyers out of the marketplace and it's up to business owners to make it safe again for customers to do business with them. Read More
How many of us “like ourselves”? How many of us have poked around our warts and owned up to the things we hate about ourselves, counter-balanced it out with a list of our strengths and decided that, on the whole, we still like ourselves? Read More
Any business that uses a website with online services to do business with their customers are concerned about security. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!