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This is one of the few sure fire ways to get money tax-free out of your business. Legally, I mean. Misused and misunderstood, I am setting the record straight on Director's Expenses. Read More
Job Hunting – Fools don't back horses - Creativity, Risk-Taking in Job Hunting. Stand out in the crowd. Read More
Here are the articles I enjoyed reading on BizSugar last week and some of the thoughts they inspired on international business. Read More
You have no doubt heard the saying ‘discovery is not about seeking out new lands, but looking at existing lands with new eyes’ Read More
There are similarities between looking out for the elderly and looking after the unemployed. Do we take on the responsibility of checking on our unemployed friends? Read More
People frequently forget the main purpose of marketing: communication. Marketing allows you to communicate to your future and current customers... Read More
In 2008 my colleague established a Social Media Team and we started working on a more formalised approach to embedding the principles of Social Media in the organisation. Read More
For most people, this question is a hard one. Firstly, because we usually want both: more money and more time off. And secondly, whether we plan it this way or not... Read More
This is something I have been banging out about for a while, but what the feck! happened to Leadership in this country? Read More
If you are aiming to win market share from your local market competitors then communicating in local market languages makes sense. If we care to interact and communicate with the customers in these regions – we can do business. By interacting in their language – we are INCREASING our chances of being successful. It's Glocal: Think Global, Market Local. Multi-lingual websites enable organisations Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!