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It is up to each person what they do with feedback received, but the worst a Manager can do is “nothing”. This is an opportunity for improvement, it must be taken. Read More
Linkedin for Life & not just for Christmas. Linkedin for Life & not just for Christmas. Useful article about long term approach to networking. Read More
Thought as a starting blog for 2010, I'd explore two elements of Leadership - self-leadership and organisational leadership - which we can then mull over in more detail in further blogs. Read More
Cindy King reviews last weeks business articles on bizSugar for cross-cultural and international business inspiration. Read More
If we frame or categorise what we do in relation to where it fits into our lives, every task we complete will bring us closer to where we want to be and possibly have us humming through our day Read More
I think there is no question that a lot of us are fearful (if even only slightly) of feedback. Those on the receiving end worry they’ll hear nothing but criticism or are unable to properly assimilate the feedback – this often leads to negative or destructive behaviours. Read More
I have decided that New Year’s Resolutions are out this year. In these challenging times I have decided to launch a New Year’s Revolution this year. Read More
To see new ways is to first think in new ways…. You will start to change the world as soon as you start to CHANGE your perception of it. Read More
A top ten skill needed to be an effective leader is managing change. The day-to-day operations command our attention and complacency could take over. Read More
What is stopping us maximising our performance?

To answer that question, you should look at the work by Timothy Gallwey, called the Inner Game. The Inner Game as developed by Gallwey in 1974 builds on the notion of “Potential” and “Performance”. There is a gap between potential and performance which Gallwey describes as the thoughts which you have when going about an activity. These thoughts c Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!