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Getting to know others better and Connecting to the Organisation context better are the other aspects of one framework to help build and manage one’s authenticity and I’ll try and cover these off with a slight homage to Depeche Mode, given that they’re in town tonight Read More
This got me thinking about the whole voluntary work strategy for jobseekers. I believe this can be a positive strategy but is too often received negatively by jobseekers – comments include “this is desperation” or “organisations taking advantage of the economy”. Everyone is entitled to opinion and mine is firmly behind this strategy and my colleague proves why. Start looking at it from a differen Read More
For creative and entrepreneurial types, their work means giving up the cosy office environment and going it alone. The solitude gives them the peace and space needed to come up with innovative ideas. But the loneliness can be crushing and seriously sap your motivation. As a home worker, I have come up with some tried and tested strategies for keeping motivation high when you’re working alone. Read More
A meeting that is not constructively planned, lacks a purpose, is not properly conducted and ends with no action points is exactly that. Yet, in business, a substantial amount of our time is spent in meetings that seem to be constructed from the off-set to fail. Read More
Industry Organisations vary in their operation. They represent their membership or their industry in making the industry better. They may hold information and networking events. They may also provide or facilitate training to their members. They communicate regularly to their industry on news and events of interest. Their commercial relationship with their members is minimal. It is more like an i Read More
So how do you become the Pied Piper of Linkedin? How do you attract traffic to your profile? I have never used and therefore cannot comment on the effectiveness of the Pied Piper pipe. Below I have outlined 5 simple tips proven to deliver two potential sources of viewer traffic – traffic generated from within Linkedin and traffic generated from outside Linkedin. Read More
For a lot of home workers (and home carers), the very same building they fell in love with some time before, becomes their “prison”. They begin to resent the place and eventually all it represents. The catastrophic consequence is the impact it can have on a relationship/marriage. So where is the balance? How can one get around these issues? Read More
With the best will in the world it can be very hard to remain objective right throughout an interview process. Sure a structured, competency-based interview approach can minimise the impact of subjectivity, particularly in relation to personal biases, but nevertheless an individual interviewer will always be influenced to a certain extent by their perception of what they see and hear during the Read More
Gary is a serial entrepreneur that has made out of his Wine Library TV a multi-million dollar business. Along with that success, he built a massive self-brand, so powerful that his advice and content became very valuable.

He recently launched a great book called “Crush it” (Tips and strategies to leverage the power of the web to grow your business). Read More
Many jobseekers struggle to stand out in the crowd of job applications. The frustrating thing for some jobseekers is that although they meet the job criteria they still don't get called for interview. There are a number of key marketing platforms from which you can inject creativity in a bid to get read and get to interview. I am purposely leaving Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!