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Michael Michalowicz of the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur posed a similar question on his blog recently. Sure entrepreneurs are prone to pushing their limits and setting high expectations of how they can change the world. Likewise, they want to be paid for their products and services. But how far are you willing to go? How does the subject of money aff Read More
The phrase “Authentic Leadership” has gained currency over the last few years but what exactly does it mean? How does “leadership” become “authentic”? Well, its probably fair to say that most people fall into leadership (e.g., senior management) roles. The route many (most?) people take is that they get a job somewhere, find out they're pretty g Read More
This morning at a Networking Event which I had organised in aid of Childline one of the presenters, Shane Twomey, a fellow HR consultant, threw out a question that really made me think! ” How do you reward poor performers“. Initially he was met with stunned silence. You could almost hear people thinking—”what on earth is he talking about—who wou Read More
How could a SWOT analysis be my best friend? Think about the last time you had a really deep, soul-connecting conversation with a gHappy business partnersood friend. Your business is such a major part of your life, even at times, a consuming part. This analysis is really a conversation between your business and you and/or your business partners ab Read More
I have been using a PC for many years and I was always curious about an Apple Mac but never bought one. My laptop finally packed in so I decided to invest in a Apple Macbook Pro which cost 1,500 euro. This is probably 50% more than I wanted to pay for a laptop but was it worth it? Read More
You don't have to be a marketing expert anymore to put an ezine together or blast your prospects with an e-marketing campaign or a cool survey. They are all great ways to engage with your customers and Web 2.0 has given us fantastic, easy to use tools. Read More
Do you know the difference between a direct link to your website and a re-direct link - also known as a jump link or indirect link? If you don't then please read on. Read More
I wish Albert Einstein was still alive today as I know most jobseekers would listen to him. As much as I try to inspire creativity and invention in job search I fear that many jobseekers gravitate back to the same routine, tasks and approach. This is insanity but you don't have to believe me. According to our friend Mr Albert Einstein insanity is Read More
To all of our businesses, customer is king, but we often lose sight of this fact during our normal working day. This is primarily the case in the services delivery world where the purchase is not instant for the most part i.e. it usually involves multiple interactions e.g. a piece of consultancy. Read More
With lives as busy as they are and the current uncertainty placing a lot more pressure on our working time it would be great to gain some extra time in the day. You may think this is overly ambitious but with a few simple changes to your day you can gain a few minutes here and there. Once you start to look at small things you do you will start Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!