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One of the big rules of copywriting is to ditch complicated language. While this is a great rule most of the time, there are some exceptions. There are moments when your copy is actually enhanced with some jargon. This post is going to open the door to some of those exceptions. Read More
If you’re getting started with social media marketing for your business, here are seven great tips to get you through it. Read More
To write copy that generates a reaction, you must dig into the emotional and psychological impact of the words you use.

Here are 63 words that will help you turn ordinary copy into something more powerful, and more effective. Read More
10-dollar words are the fancy words that you think make you look smart. You hope that by including a longer version of a rather simple concept you will make people go: “Oooh, sounds like he really knows his stuff!”

In reality, 10-dollar words make your copywriting suck. Read More
Watching everyone else get served, you ask yourself: why can’t they make this faster? Why can’t they put more staff on? Why is my time being wasted in this queue? The truth about consistently good customer satisfaction is much simpler than you think. Read More
This post talks you through my detailed copywriting brief and the kind of information you should be collecting from new clients. Read More
So you’ve decided to join the social media revolution eh? You’ve heard of plenty of other businesses making a killing from social media and you want a piece of that action. Well before you create anything, here is a list of home truths you need to know. Read More
You’ve probably heard of pay-per-click (PPC). AdWords is Google’s own PPC program for generating targeted web traffic. What you might not know is that running a Google AdWords campaign is a lot like online dating. You shouldn’t believe the hype and it might just change your life. Read More
A press release (news release, media release or press statement) has traditionally been used to get your mug in the news. Actually getting on the box, in the paper or on the radio can be much harder than just distributing a great press release. If you don’t get into the news, or you’ve had your mom Read More
This post is for the owners of any email marketing lists. You must include a way for your subscribes to say goodbye. Learn what your unsubscribe process should look like and the branding consequences of a tricky unsubscribe process. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!