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Sales people are accountable for generating revenue-----Duuuuggghh! Ask a sales person what their primary goal is, they say:  I have to make my quota!  Ask Read More
So perhaps we want to look at team and organizational design differently. Maybe it's wrong to build an organization of just Challengers--as flexible as they may be as individuals, they still will revert to challenging behaviors. Likewise with problem solvers, hard workers, relationship builders and Read More
Over the next several months, I'll be interviewing a number of Sales Operations and Sales Enablement executives.  I believe these roles are critical in Read More
We all have them, Questions We're Afraid To Ask.  They're obvious, but we're afraid to ask them.  Will we offend the customer?  Will they make us look Read More
Being stumped on truly difficult issues and working with the customer to solve them is a blessing. It changes both the customer and us. We innovate, we create, we grow, we learn -- together. We collaborate, creating solutions we couldn't have imagined otherwise. Read More
Focusing on deal value colors our strategies and focus. However subtly, everything becomes what we get from the deal. But we get nothing unless the buyer gets superior value from our solution and chooses it. So deal value is meaningless unless we understand buyer value. Read More
There's a great article in the Harvard Business Review, Figure It Out.    Be sure to get a copy of it. The ability to Figure Things Out, is critical for Read More
Over the past few weeks, I've published a number of posts on pricing, value creation, walking away.  They've stimulated some interesting comments and Read More
In 1999, Joe Pine published a fascinating book, Mass Customization.  It focused on transforming manufacturing, moving from mass produced products sold to mass Read More
Customer retention is a critical issue.  Wisdom (and data--thought it's not at my fingertips) says that it costs us less to keep a good customer than to Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!