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How to improve code quality? Writing code and developing high-quality software is a work of art. As soon as a developer starts writing code, it becomes crucial to keep it bug-free, sustainable, easily understandable, and traceable. For one developer, code quality might not be the issue because he/s Read More
ReactJS is the most popular Web Library that has surpassed jQuery for all the right reasons. The main reason for its popularity is that it allows developers to streamline the development process and add new features to their software more easily. ReactJS is known for developing websites and applica Read More
Code is the core of a computer program; if there are any vulnerabilities in it, then the whole program may be compromised by cyber attacks.The continuously expanding number of security breaches that have occurred over the past few years is too alarming to ignore. In recent years, we have learned th Read More
Microservices States, Scalability, and Streams. For years now, most of us have heard the word “Microservices” and how it makes an application-independent. While some may also have worked using this architecture. But today’s article is majorly focused on the shifting from monolithic to microservices Read More
How much does it cost to develop a dating app? Technology advancements have changed the way we live, play, work, and buy. Even dating is not the same anymore. Dating app development today, millions of people are using online dating apps and the number continues to grow rapidly. Needless to say, Tin Read More
A containerised application can be deployed, scaled, and managed with Kubernetes (k8s), an excellent open-source automating system. Although containers are similar to virtual machines they are considered lightweight due to their isolation, and properties to share OS between applications. Containers Read More
"Why Should Startups Switch To ReactJS Development? We all know how the ecosystem of frontend development has been evolving continuously. New tools and frameworks are being released with so many new features and libraries to choose from, making it difficult to find the ideal one for business owners Read More
Observability for Monitoring, Alerting, Tracing Lineage in Microservices. With the maturing of DevOps culture and the prevalence of cloud services, the microservice architecture system has become the de facto standard for developing modern-day large-scale applications. While scaling and managing di Read More
How much does it cost to develop an elearning web application? Pandemic has changed the way we used to live, communicate or work. We are all familiar with the fact that the use of Smartphones and the innovation in technology have made a high impact on the users and have also boosted the sales of bu Read More
Restaurants are undergoing rapid change. Without any prior experience or assistance, running a restaurant can be a real challenge. There are long-term and short-term problems that you will encounter. Restaurants are gradually discontinuing things that were common a few years ago and replacing them Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!