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Jill and Brad discuss the best ways on how to be a better leader in this podcast episode. From becoming a bookworm to finding inspiration in other leaders to asking for feedback, you can find myriad ways to build your position as head of your biz. Have you experienced any ways to become a better le Read More
Jill and Brad discuss the best numbers to check out that help you understand where your business is and how to keep it growing. From cash flow to sales funnels to employee morale to customer satisfaction, there are a select few ways to track your progress and figure out what’s working for your prod Read More
Here's this month's top small business articles for business owners in April 2014. Check out what other business owners are reading! Read More
Jill and Brad discuss ways to turn their dreams (and yours!) into reality. From learning how to fail fast to creating feasibility tests to asking people for input the right way to creating time for different projects, there is obviously more than one way to turn your dreams into reality. But it’s o Read More
Wish you were at ICON14? Brad Farris shares highlights from Day 2 at ICON14 from Seth Godin and Casey Graham. Read More
Just like you can't live with out food, shelter and water, there are things your business can't survive without either. Hint: it's not just money! Read More
Jill and Brad discuss ways of how to turn leads into customers. From utilizing the e-mail newsletter to getting testimonials from happy customers or clients to following up persistently, there are a number of ways to make that next sale happen. We know you can do it! We have so much faith in you. Read More
If you work for yourself, your boss is a crazy person. In +Brad Farris' case, there are four crazy bosses that live inside his business brain. Find out who his neurotic boss characters are, and how he manages the different directions they pull him in—you might find out how to manage your own “inne Read More
There’s been some controversy whether or not it’s appropriate to headphones wear them in the office, major critics citing that employees isolate themselves from company culture. So today Brad and Devan talk about how it's affect their office on this edition of Cube vs. Corner: Read More
As leaders, we need to be *great* communicators. If we can't communicate a clear pitch to prospects, we can't land business. If we can't communicate to our clients well, we lose clients. If we can't communicate to employees well, they can't complete tasks the way it's supposed to be done. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!