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It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally found a method for writing content that gets 100s of shares.

I’m not saying it’s the only method, or even the best method.

But it’s reliable and repeatable, and those are the most important things. Here’s what happened to our traffic when we started execu Read More
As part of documenting how I am building my new online store, I am trying to experiment with stuff I haven’t tried before – one thing that I really want to get a hold on(and you guys should too) is marketing on Instagram. Instagram is HUGE, and I’ve seem some businesses really kill it on Instagram. Read More
One of the things that has allowed me to grow by LEAPS and BOUNDS in the last 6 months apart from refining the audience I wanted to serve, has been reaching out to influential bloggers and building genuine relationships with them.

Honestly, I don't do enough of it and I am in the middle of plann Read More
Time for the sixth, monthly business review at NinjaOutreach.

June saw the business grow its MRR by 35%! Although it wasn’t as strong as May, it was a solid month.

Here’s what went right, and what went wrong. Read More
You’ve just launched a new crowdfunding campaign and you have a matter of weeks to make it happen.

What do you do?

Hopefully you’ve thought out your marketing strategy BEFORE launching the campaign, but regardless of whether or not you have it all hashed out, you should seriously consider inc Read More
The following is a complete guide on how to find anyone’s email address.

I believe that using the below methods will result in an email 90% of the time, in under 10 minutes of work – not bad if it’s an important contact, right?

The majority of these methods are free, the one drawback being th Read More
When I started my software business, I was very much in the dark in regards to my competitors.

Sure, I had used their tools. I knew what features they had and how their UI/UX looked.

But I had virtually no idea of more business related metrics, such as:

How many customers did they have Read More
Why You Shouldn’t Be Content Marketing, Seriously

I had a call the other day with someone who found me on SoHelpful and wanted to talk to me about his marketing strategy for a new business he had in mind.

The business was more or less a productized service for developing and supporting eComme Read More
In today’s blog post we have Dave Schneider of NinjaOutreach telling us about 5 ways to add more authority to your writing. He provides some great tips on how you can do it to increase trust in your content and even grow your business. Read More
We all want to know how to get our content upvoted. Whether it's on Inbound, Hacker News, Product Hunt, Reddit, or some other platform - we want to know what motivates someone to share our content. So we went to the people who know better than anyone - Inbound Influencers. We interviewed 37 of them Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!