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We have identified 6 attention grabbing methods that, if practiced correctly, are sure to shine some extra spotlight on your blog and business.
1. Giveaways

Until late last year it was much rarer that you would see a giveaway, that is, until Pat Flynn released his guest post case study of how o Read More
You’ve probably heard about this new thing called content marketing. It seems to be all the rage as of late, given that 89% of companies using content marketing say it works.

So chances are you’ve started a blog. The problem is, we’re business owners, not bloggers, and our blog is not always our Read More
Would you like to learn some new ways to use social media to drive leads?

Ah, the big mystery of social media and how to use it to drive leads.

Many ask – how can I better leverage social media for my business?

And few know the answer.

The truth is, social media can be the biggest waste Read More
As a business owner, it always amazes me the different channels through which people prefer to send me an inquiry.

You’d think everyone would just shoot for the contact page – nine times out of ten it’s in the navigation menu anyways.

And yet everyday I receive a customer inquiry from a chann Read More
Copywriting – I can’t say I’ve ever been particularly strong at it.

It’s hard to know with some degree of certainty you’re using the right messaging. I’ve had many people look at my home pages and tell me I should change X, Y and Z – often contradicting each other in the process.

At the same Read More
Links tend to come about naturally as a result of our outreach efforts, which is really the ideal way to build links, isn’t it?

After months of sending hundreds of outreach messages, I’ve identified 8 very valuable links that tend to result from our successes, which I’ve summarized here: Read More
You can grow your traffic through one simple tool. Can you guess what it is? It’s Gmail!

Email is universal, and Gmail in particular is an increasingly popular platform for it.

According to Expanded Ramblings, there are 500 million Gmail users; over 24% of Americans use Gmail during work hour Read More
Two weeks ago we received an email from an accelerator we applied to:

They had placed us in the top 25 of over 1k applicants and wanted to do a follow-up interview that week.

Those startups, who ultimately ranked in the top 10, would receive $50k in funding.

We ended up taking that intervi Read More
“Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future success.”

Dave started off in a much better position than most entrepreneurs. He’d been accepted to and graduated from Harvard, had a great job and trajectory into the business world, etc.

Still – he wasn’t happy. He needed some advent Read More
Dear God, I promised I’d stop talking about this.

But here I am again. Talking about it.

Elance and oDesk, that is.

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of using freelance marketplaces to get a “leg up” in the early days of your entrepreneurial journey.

(Hell, I just wrote about this very topi Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!