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The most persuasive kind of publicity is media coverage. Free media is more valuable than almost any kind of marketing, except word of mouth, because it lets you tell the world the value of your offerings, and it comes with the validation of a third party (the publication). Nowhere is press coverag Read More
Yearly evaluations are stupid. They waste time. They’re ineffectual.
Here’s three reasons why they don’t work — and a better way to accomplish each. Read More
Google Forms lets you control the questions presented to users based on data already collected. It helps you ask follow-up questions that depend on earlier responses. But it’s not clear how — or why you should bother. Let me show you how it works.
Read More
The boss advised us to never sign anything until the client looked for it. A client’s attention to such matters, he said, showed the seriousness of their purpose. Read More
Like most accounting programs, Harvest can handle recurring invoices. The recurring invoices are easy to set up, and the software is flexible about setting their frequency. However, not everything a consultant or contractor does is based on clock time. Some clients have items that need to be billed Read More
Auto-save is a great feature most of the time, but when you inadvertently delete half your story with a single pawstroke— suddenly that auto-save feature is not so good. Read More
We all learned long ago that the best phone is the one you have in your pocket. Turns out that the same rule applies to scanning. I tested several mobile scanning apps -- and found that each is strong in one area and weak in another. So yeah, you do want to start with, "What to look for." Read More
As a company grows, a difficult but necessary transition is for its visionary to recognize when it’s time to let go of the day-to-day, hands-on tasks. That doesn’t just mean “delegate.” It means: “Let go. Permit other people to contribute to the vision.” Read More
Setting up meetings can be tedious and time-consuming. How many email threads have you endured with a dozen messages asking, “How about Tuesday at 3? No? Monday at 4?” Surely, you think, there’s a better way. And with the help of these three guidelines, there is. Read More
You may not have heard of the online video meeting utility called; it’s not a big name like Skype, Hangout, or GoToMeeting. But in my experience, when it comes to hosting and recording remote video conversations, Zoom is the only freebie (as in zero cost) that has good video recording built Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!