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Tips and guidelines for designing an office dress code that employees will embrace.

>>When explaining the office dress code to new hires, Joan Cear uses a simple measure: What if you were called to an urgent client meeting? Read More

7 Management Lessons from Downton Abbey

7 Management Lessons from Downton Abbey - http:// Avatar Posted by estherschindler under Strategy
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With upwards of 20 regular characters, all working together with a clear staff-management relationship, the TV show Downton Abbey has a thing or two to teach us about relations on the job and management skill. Read More
Many executives like to imagine that everything in the department is so streamlined that the business can continue indefinitely when the boss isn’t there. Most of us live in the real world, in which the staff realizes how much knowledge is stored in your head and nowhere else. Here’s the informatio Read More
When it comes to flexible spending accounts (FSAs), it appears that Uncle Sam turned Scrooge this year, slicing in half a very generous tax-saving health benefit. But the change in rules isn’t nearly as dire as it seems when viewed in the context of how consumers use these accounts and the availabi Read More
In the latest office romance poll from, 59% of employees surveyed say they’ve been involved in a romantic relationship with a colleague. If you want to survive it -- especially if things go sour -- you owe it to yourself to pay attention to these suggestions.
Read More
The relationship between a project and its management sponsors is a lot like a romance. It not only takes effort in the beginning, to attract the object of your desire; it also takes constant effort and attention to keep the relationship alive and vital.

You might have sold the project once -- t Read More
The same technology that helps you in the office is a major problem on the road. Like this: "So recently I was in this hotel in Silicon Valley and I was feeling somewhat puckish. I noticed that one person's computer was listed. I clicked on his computer to see if file sharing was turned on. It was, Read More
One way for a software development consultant to set her business apart is to have plenty to brag about. You can't always share information about your clients, but you certainly can get useful glory (and sometimes cash) from participating in coding competitions. Here's a list of 8 you could apply t Read More
A recent study by LinkedIn found that 82% of professional women agree that having a mentor is important to their careers. This is an opinion shared by many of today’s most successful businesswomen, who have not only benefited from career guidance in their early years, but now find tremendous value Read More

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
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