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Can a small business afford to consider Multi-Media advertising? Yes if done right this can increase sales locally. Targeting is the key, use the right tools and your brand and sales will rise together. Read More
You LOVE the idea. Do you need to worry about what your customers think? Hell yes you do. Unless you have lots of storage in your garage for unsold inventory! Janice teaches how to do the market research that MUST be done, or start renting storage space. Ha! Read More
There are some things you can't DIY. Yeah I know it doesn't seem as though it's that big of a deal, and it's not....until it is. Then it is a dream crusher that can lead to bankruptcy. OMG it is so easy to avoid this trap in small business! Read More
When does work become mind numbing? When you are half way to achieving a goal! OMG, it's so fun dreaming about the goal, writing the goal down, even meeting the first couple levels of the goal. Then life happens and the goal is close to's what I do. Read More
It was a dark and stormy night....where would you rather be? At home safe with your family or laying sandbags and hanging plywood in driving rain? Get your business prepared for natural disasters months before the storm comes! Read More
Welcome to the glamorous world of Competitor Research. Is that a chorus of groans I hear?? OMG, what does it take to learn how to find out what your competitor is up to? This article is a goose that lays golden eggs. Implement these ideas and your business runs that much more smoothly. Read More
These techniques are so simple it hurts! If you struggle to get attention to your small business website have you at least done these 3 things? Travis has written a pretty good article about getting easy website traffic. Read More
I consider myself to be a novice with Social Media, so when I read this article in my Linkedin group today I thought...damn, why wasn't this available when I first started? This post talks about the 7 popular social sites and which market they serve. Read More
I have two posts from my Linkedin group that I am posting here. If you are a novice business owner would you like to learn the most important financial advice you should know. Charles has written a very short primer and gives the basics. Fast Read! Read More
Jim was pedaling as fast as he could yet he couldn't keep up with demand. Too much time was being wasted on just keeping all the balls in the air. Software upgrades and some custom designed excel spreadsheets gave this owner more time, and profit. Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!