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It doesn’t matter whether you are writing landing page copy, a series of autoresponders, or the latest version of your newsletter. Unless you understand exactly what motivates your target audience and captivates their attention, your creation efforts are going to ring hollow and fall short.

So h Read More
Without a marketing plan you are basically throwing everything you have at a wall and hoping something sticks.

So far we’ve in this series on content marketing, we’ve discussed…

What kind of content you will create
The audience for your content… who?
Your content marketing distribution chan Read More
There are two ways to think about guest blogging. Either you can have influential bloggers in your industry write for you or you can write for high authority sites that will help with your own search engine optimization, new audiences, and even sales. Read More
Does email marketing work??? Or has Social Media killed it?
You get slammed with spam everyday in your inbox. You also see the growth of social and think email must be dead or at least dying. But, this simply isn’t the case.

Email marketing brought in $40.56 for every dollar spent according to Read More
Now back to QR Codes. They’ve had a target on their backs for some time now. Why? Because so many marketers do stupid things with them. Or maybe because many folks still don’t know what to do with a QR code.

These are not reasons to abandon QR Codes altogether. When used effectively, they can be Read More
The web, it turns out, is extremely important in the job of a PR professional. Much more important today than it was even three years ago.

It used to be your website was an online version of your corporate brochure. But times, they are a changin’. Your website now needs to be a living and breath Read More
In an effort to win in the content marketing game, we are producing content at an astounding rate. With the explosive growth of visual content channels like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, we churn out videos and images all in the hopes that it will drive traffic back to our site. And often it do Read More
To ensure a successful website launch, there are technical and marketing considerations that should be addressed with your client before the new site goes live. Read More
It doesn’t take much to notice that consumer reliance on mobile and mobile search is growing at an enormous speed. But just how important is it for businesses, even small business, to create a powerful mobile experience for their users? Well, according to a new Google-sponsored study, that need is Read More
Let’s face it, social media marketing is a complete and utter waste of time. Seriously. It will not work for you, unless…

You have a strong web presence
You know your audience
You have a content strategy

Yes, there is hope. There is a clear way forward in this sea of social chaos. It’s call Read More

Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!